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How to Track a Mobile Phone

Because of the rampant GPS technology of smart phones today, tracking a mobile phone is now relatively easy. GPS or Global Positioning System is a technology integrated into smart phones that enable you to track all mobile phones from different parts of the world. Even modern cars are integrated with feature of GPS navigation devices. With these technologies, we do not have to worry much in tracking the whereabouts of our loved ones. In this article, we will discuss further the simple guidelines on how to track a mobile phone with the use of GPS technology.

A mobile phone that is enabled with GPS technology contains a special GPS chip that can acquire signals by means of cell phone network. Tracking the location of a person's mobile phone within an area can be compared to a scenario of searching needle in a haystack. The location of the mobile phone is identified through a process known as trilateration. The virtual location of the mobile phone is controlled by the signal acquired from three diverse locations or from the mobile phone towers surrounding the person. The mobile position is verified through geometrical calculations whereas the use of distance measurements from three diverse locations is done. For the mobile phone to receive and process the information, it should have special GPS tracking software.

The special GPS tracking software serves as the mediators that gather required data to determine the person's location. The gathered data is then relay to the service provider website that transforms and displays the data on a map. Through the benefit of GPS networks and 3G wirelesses, various GPS tracking services and software have been revealed online. Among these, include Glympse, Buddyway, and Google Latitude.

The Glympse software is a free mobile phone service that helps you track the phone location of your friends and loved ones. This software requires your mobile phone to be GPS-enabled. It can be downloaded from its respective website to your mobile phone and then install it. The software comes in three different versions for Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android. After you register with Glympse, you can start adding your family members and friends to your account and view their location in real time the entire day. Even if they are travelling, you can track their speed in any point they are moving. Glympse software also allows you to share your location with other people through social networking sites.

Another free mobile phone service for your smart phones is the Buddyway, which also helps you track a mobile phone location. With this application, you can record and track the entire travel routes and share it with your family and friends. If you have friends who are using the same application on their smart phones, they can also share their location with you.

Google recently launched a new service called as Google Latitude. This service prevents you to track a mobile phone with GPS rather it helps you track your mobile phone location in real time even without a GPS enabled phone. Google Latitude can be downloaded from Google website and installed to your mobile phone by using your Google account.

Now that you have the knowledge on how to track a mobile phone and the free GPS services that can be used for your smart phone, you can now start tracking the location of your family members, friends, and loved ones. This is not only an easy task to do but also keeps you worry-free all the time.