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Essential Information about GSM and GPS

The popularity of mobile phones with GPS technology is soaring high rapidly. One main reason for this is the feature of GSM mobile phone tracking system that can used in determining the position of the mobile phone user. The location is revealed through computation of acquired data commencing the network. This article will show you the essential information as well as relativity of GSM and GPS technologies.

GSM (Global System for Mobile) communication is a standard feature in all mobile phones. This feature is vastly used all over the world and integrated with ne tracking system of mobile phones that uses hyperbolic positioning method to reveal the precise location of a mobile phone user. The system is also referred as GSM localization. During the hyperbolic method, a certain object is precisely located through computation of difference in time arrival of signals released from the object to three or more recipients. Below are three processes of GSM mobile phone tracking are the following:

  • Hybrid mobile phone tracking system - uses a combination of different techniques used in handset-based and network-based methods when tracking phone location. This method provides the most correct information, its benefits are sometime surpassed by the challenges and limitations faced by handset-based and network-based techniques.
  • Handset based mobile phone tracking system - uses handset based technique wherein the location of the smart phone is determined through cell identification. If the smart phone is equipped with GPS, the location is revealed through the strong point of the signals and demarcation of longitudinal and latitudinal. The computations from this method are forwarded to the position server for exact details about the location of the user. However, the method entails the installation of client application on the smart phone that serves as its main disadvantage. The reason for this is the difficulty of installation of the software on the mobile phone without the consent of the user. Moreover, the application must be well matched with the diverse operating systems.
  • Network based mobile phone tracking system - in this method, the network infrastructure of the service providers used to reveal the precise location of the GSM enabled mobile phone. The accuracy levels in this method may vary because of its most accurate triangulation method and least accurate cell identification method. This method can be implemented even without interfering the privacy of the target person being tracked, which is advantageous. However, this method will require you to work hand in hand with the service provider since the process involves installation of several hardware and software in the network infrastructure.

On the other hand, GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite-based system that computes and locates the position of a particular object on a global level. With this system, earth stations and satellites work together to compute the coordinates of the person or object on the globe. It works on the idea of cellular-signal triangulation and navigation, which are very in-demand technologies of today.  GPS technology can even track the mobile phone location. All information provided by GPS-enabled smart phones comes from satellites.

GPS are useful in fields of defense, travelling, and communication. As a matter of fact, the department of defence invented this technology. Such technology is dedicated only for tracking purposes of locating stolen vehicles and lost people. However, sith the introduction of mobile phone technology today, GPS technology had become rampant to people.