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Get to Know More on How to Track Phone Location free

Do you know that tracking phone location can be done for free? Yes, this is absolutely true. There is numerous software applications available for mobile phone tracking that can be installed on your smart phone. There are also websites and online interfaces that provide free service for tracking mobile phone numbers. If you were naive about the free services and software that will help you track phone location for free then this article would be a great help for you.

Various online services have been specifically designed for smart phones such Android and Apple iPhone. Such services are very useful in tracking the location of a mobile phone when it was lost or robbed.  It is also useful in tracking the phone location of your target user whether a friend, family member, or loved one.

Buddyway is a very popular free online service for tracking mobile phone number. It is the easiest and simplest service to use as well. Before you can use this online service, you need to have mobile phone device that is GPS enabled otherwise the application will not work for you.  Installing the Buddyway application on your smart phone and registering with the website (where you downloaded the application) are the initial steps to do. The application will then provide your mobile phone location on a map. It can also track your speed, altitude of travel, and record your travel on a map. Moreover, the application allows you to watch your recorded travel routes via Google Earth 3D.

The recorded travel information are forwarded to Buddyway web server, thus you can always do the tracking for mobile phone location through web interface.

If you do not have a GPS-enabled mobile phone that will help you track phone location, you can migrate to Google Latitude service instead, which is an online service launched by Google. This service is also installed on your smart phone as an application. Once installed, you can now start tracking the phone location of your loved ones through Google maps. Privacy issues on Google Latitude are protected as you can do selection on people who can only track your phone location via online.

Google Latitude allows you to view the current locations of your targeted mobile users. You can also control and limit people who can view your mobile phone location. The iGoogle gadget of the application allows you to trace the location of your contacts who have added you on Google maps, or Google Latitude.

Unless the password or login name is hacked, you do not have to be anxious about those free mobile phone tracking applications that are mentioned above. If possible, use secure stations when logging in to track location of mobile. You may also use complex alphanumeric password that would be tougher to hack.

Tracking a person's mobile phone location with no knowledge of that person is unlawful and liable for punishment. However, in particular cases wherein parents need to keep an eye on the locations of their children or spouses, the use of mobile phone tracking system is permissible. The tracking system is also allowed by law in searching for lost people or in matters of life and death situations.