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Phone Tracking with Google Earth

Who would expect that life can become so technology savvy and filled with easiness and convenience. Our everyday activities had become so comfortable and stress-free as we accomplish each activity in less effort and less amount of time. This is how the wonders of Google Earth had helped us on how to track a mobile phone location. Read further the following article and learn more.

Since Google had revolutionized geographical data on how we accept, understand, learn, and view it, the world had become smaller as you can imagine. With Google Earth, you can do so much more than tracking a mobile phone location. This application can be both installed on your mobile phones and laptops.

In simple words, Google Earth can become your ears and eyes to experience and see the world from the convenience of your home. A virtual globe provides you with information about the world surrounding you without having to travel physically. It provides with you with virtual car ride to view different streets, images of historical buildings in 3D, detailed maps, satellite images, and countless others. Moreover, you can learn more about the earth, walk on the moon, dive inside the oceans, explore the sky, and even visit the Mars. In just eight clicks with Google Earth, you can go around the world amazingly. All is possible with Google Earth.

Phone tracking with Google Earth is relatively simple. All you need to have is an active account with Google, a GPS-enabled smart phone installed with Google Maps and supported with Google Latitude, and a cellular data plan. The following steps will help you facilitate the phone tracking process:

  • Using your mobile phone, go to Google Latitude website however ensure that Google Latitude functions are present on your mobile phone beforehand.
  • By using Google Latitude, configure your active Google account. Each mobile device has its own configuration that need to be followed. Your mobile phone's instructions have files that will assist you with the configuration process.
  • Request a friend or family member to volunteer and check if you can track the location of your target mobile phone user. Afterwards, go to the website of Google Latitude by using your desktop or laptop browser.
  • Incorporate the Google Latitude widget into the page of your iGoogle that you can use on your laptop or desktop.
  • Click the button of "Add Friends" from the widget and then all contacts from active account in Google will be supplemented to the list.
  • An icon in front of the contacts that are using Google Latitude is displayed. You can send invite to these contacts and wait for their permission to track them. For those contacts that are not using Google Latitude, you can send them an invitation via email just by clicking on their names. Once they accepted your invitation, you will start viewing their location on the map. As they travel from one location to another, you are also able to view the information changing in real-time.
  • To begin tracking the phone location, open Google Maps from Google Earth and go to option of "My Maps". This option is displayed on the left side of the screen.
  • Once you create the map, save it. While viewing the map, the option of "View in Google Earth" is displayed on the right side of the screen alongside "Print" and "Send" options. As you select the option, the map will be downloaded (KML file) that can be viewed and opened in Google Earth afterwards.