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Understanding the Facts of Tracking Phone Location

Not all people have the knowledge on how to track phone location. However, with the increasing number of mobile phone users, the popularity of tracking phone location is soaring high as well. Almost every individual in the world owns and uses mobile phone on a daily basis. Smart phones of today are even equipped with modern features than the common features of voice and text communication. Moreover, smart phones have phone-tracking system that can track the location of its user. As we run along the article, we will understand more about the facts of tracking phone location.

The most popular method in tracking phone location is GPS or Global Position System. Through GPS navigation, mobile phones can continuously communicate with the space's satellites. With this, the mobile phone location can be easily traced by the gathered data from four satellites orbiting the Earth. It can be three satellites if the altitude is recognized. The exact location of the mobile phone is revealed by computing the intersection point of the three imaginary areas that are drained. This is assuming that every satellite is at its midpoint. Using the data, the user's location is accurately identified within the 5-meter radius.  The radius is supposed to decrease further in near future. In case the mobile phone does not have integrated GPS, a GPS mobile phone tracking software must be installed.

On the other hand, if the mobile phone is not GPS-enabled or software installation is not a feasible option, IMEI Number is another method that can be used to track phone location. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique number assigned to all WCDMA and GSM handsets. This number has the purpose of identifying suitable devices. There are two ways to determine the IMEI number of a certain mobile phone handset. The first way is by opening the cover of the battery and search for the 16 or 17-digit number that is printed on the exterior where the battery is placed. The second way is by dialing *#06# on the mobile phone and a number will flash on the screen.

Once the IMEI number is revealed, you can give this to the service provider of the mobile phone and they will track the number using triangulation method. Ensure that you can provide a valid reason on tracking the phone location of your target person otherwise the service provider will not entertain your baseless queries. Normally, the method of IMEI number is useful for lost or robbed mobile phones.

Apart from the two methods mentioned above, another method to track phone location is via online or Internet. The technology of Internet is highly advanced nowadays when it comes to mobile phone tracking. Various websites offer phone-tracking services for free or with minimal charge. Such websites are equipped with application or software that can track the location of the mobile phone by using the data gathered by the service provider. The websites will only require you to register after which you can log in with yours username and password. Once you are logged, you can now keep track of the mobile phone location of your target user from the map being displayed on the website. Some websites may facilitate real-time tracking however, it may require you considerable amount of money.